Saturday, November 15, 2008

Everything is a process

So, I am trying to get my head around this blog thing.. still.

Wondering how to connect my feeds so that I can update just one blog, and it forwards itself to all my social networks.

I know it can be done. I see it happening all around me, but I am not connecting these dots. :)

I have been contemplating setting up my own webite, complete with all the bells and whistles. I am a person who could either be called lazy... or expedient, depending on your perspective.

My goal is always to get as much done as I can while putting forth the least amount of effort possible. Really, it isn't because I am lazy. I just like to multiply my time. More for less - it is the only way to make 'more of me.' That used to be my generic excuse for not getting things done. "If only there were more of me"... or "there just isn't enough of me". Now, I am determined to turn that into a positive. I am going to make more of me.

How can I reach a bigger audience? Connect the internet dots...

I am open to suggestions. I pride myself in being teachable. Show me a better way, and I'll implement it. How can I get the best ROI? I love to share and educate. I want the world to know there are answers. Writing for my local paper touches hundreds, perhaps thousands. I want to touch thousands - millions. I want to wake up slumbering America. For such lofty goals, I need a large platform. I see bloggers with huge followings. They are just every day people, sharing their lives, their joys, their tears. I am just an ordinary mom, with an extraordinary vision. (And an extraordinary number of people who call me mom!) I want others to be able to learn from my mistakes, and my experiences. Being a mom times twelve gives you lots of diverse experiences!

I have the dream, I have the drive, I will achieve my goals. I'd prefer it to be sooner rather than later. This is a shameless plea for help from any of my internet savvy computer guru friends or family. Left to my own devices, it might take me years to decipher the code on my own!