Friday, November 4, 2011

The 30 Day Challenge

So What is all the Buzz about a 30 Day Challenge?

And why should you join?


Our Team is hosting a 30 day challenge…read below to see how you can join our team…. And win! We recently had a small group gathered and between nine of us….we totaled 369 lbs lost! That is better than some of the Biggest Loser results! Move over Jillian….we have a program that anyone can do, and not feel tortured or deprived! Though I do encourage exercise, it isn't necessary to lose weight, nor is it necessary to join our challenge. There is no diet… no starving… no feeling deprived. In fact… if you get started now, I will encourage you to go ahead and join all the holiday hoopla parties. You will have such great success that partaking in moderation will be easy, and you'll still lose the unwanted pounds!

This system is so simple… so easy! No crazy dieting… no feeling deprived…no feeling hungry! Read some of the testimonials…of Real Results others have gotten!

Call 478-508-2678 for more info on how you can get started!


So what does the Challenge consist of?

30 Days – commit to 30 days of consistent use so you will get the BEST results possible

A Deluxe Zija Weight Management System

Comes with 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee! You have nothing to lose but the unwanted pounds!


1 Case of Smart Mix
1 Case of XM+ Mix
1 XM/AM Blister Pack
1 XM/PM Blister Pack
1 Box of Premium Tea
5 XM/PM Trial Packs
5 XM/AM Trial Packs
1 Shaker Bottle
1 Business Kit

Retail value –over $500 -Your Cost $330 (includes shipping and handling)

A Free Consultation to help Set You up for Success

Each Challenge consists of a minimum of 10 Contestants – Max of 19 so you have a Great Chance to Win!

Contestant who loses the most lbs in 30 days will WIN!

You could win another FULL Deluxe System (retail value over $500!) or $250 CASH.