Monday, September 19, 2011

Triple Your Investment. in Less than a Month

Need some help from my bean counter friends in Zija. I want to make sure I am not missing something.

With our current promotion one could:

Invest $660 for a package valued at over $800.

Find two more investors at $660.

Earn $200 in FOB. $100 in EBB = $300

Earn $75 TC.

Earn at least $250 in extra bonus for RA.

So....that would be $625 in earnings.

Help those people find their two investors and you find a couple more.

Earn an additional - $50 in SBBs, $300 in in FOB & EBB, $225 in TC, and $500 more for RA to bronze, with the potential to earn even more if you repeat that process again and get to gold!

SO...they could turn $660 into $625 + $1075 = $1700 in just a few weeks...

not even counting selling samples - is that right??? Math is not my strong point so I may be missing something....

If this were duplicated on a weekly basis the earnings would exponentially grow. A person could easily make $4k in their first month with this promo! We only have this week to prepare the soil by upgrading... and four weeks to create unstoppable momentum!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Water – Make Wise Choices

If anyone had told me ten years ago that I would spend $2.50 for a quart of water (do the math… that is $10 per gallon!!!) I would have laughed. Now, I shake my head in wonder at how many people do just that. People will not spend three measly dollars per day on providing their bodies with the best nutrition on the planet, but they will buy WATER that is virtually free at the conservative cost of $5 per gallon. I was appalled when I did research to get up to date figures for my recent class. 60 MILLION plastic water bottles per day are tossed into the trash in the United States. Stop and think about that for a minute. Do a little simple math 60,000,000 x 365 = 21,900,000,000 or to write that out 21 BILLION, 9 HUNDRED MILLION bottles per year. Is that not insane?!!!!

I could camp out on the detriment to our environment that the bottle water industry has caused, but that isn't the purpose of this post. My goal is to help educate folks so they will drink the proper amount of water to hydrate themselves, and to help them make wise choices in choosing their water sources. Hopefully the opening paragraph is a clue that bottle water would not be the wisest choice, but if that isn't enough there is much more evidence to incriminate. There really aren't any redeemable qualities to offset the many detriments to drinking bottled water. First we addressed exorbitant expense, and environmental cost. Now let's look at the price we are paying with our health.

Plastics are full of toxins. No one will even attempt to deny that. Those toxins leach from the bottle into the water we drink. No one will deny that either. The arguments are all around how much leaches, and how much is "safe." I will leave the experts to nit-pick over nano-particles, and I will save myself hundreds of dollars per year by drinking tap water which has tested just as clean or cleaner than bottled water.

But, wait! Tap water from a city municipal source is full of chlorine, and often is "enriched" with fluoride – neither of which are good for you. If you don't believe me, have a look at this.The simple solution is to find a good filter, not to pick up a couple of cases of bottled water every week. While I was doing my research I ran across this site, and felt like it was worth sharing this comparison chart.

Once you choose your water filter and have a clean source of water, find yourself a BPA free water bottle, or even better drink out of glass or stainless steel. Then measure out the optimum amount your body needs so that you can better gauge if you are drinking enough. The simplest formula to use is to take your body weight and divide it in half. That number is the number of ounces of good clean purified water you should be drinking each day. If you are also consuming caffeine you should compensate by drinking more water. (Caffeine is a diuretic and will dehydrate instead of hydrate you.)

Adding a lemon wedge or two will add in some flavor, without negating the benefits of drinking water. Don't use the flavored water packets or additives. All the ones I have seen are full of artificial sweeteners and colors. If you aren't sure why those are bad… go back a few posts and read The Fatal Five.

Is Exercise Really Necessary to Lose Weight?

Answering this question will probably upset some of my fitness fanatic friends, but I have to be honest. An exercise program is not necessary to lose weight. It is a question many people ask simply because they are at a place in their health where exercise isn't an option, or it feels like torture. I have to confess that I lost my weight before I started an exercise program. I didn't just lose a few pounds either…. I lost 54lbs BEFORE I started exercising. It was not until I had lots of flabby skin to tone up that I made myself find the time to fit exercise into my schedule. Using our weight management program which helps to balance the metabolism was all that my body needed to shed the fat.

I say this not to upset the exercise gurus who read this, but to encourage people who aren't to the place in their journey that they are ready to implement exercise. I can also offer encouragement by saying that all my clients who started out in that position, now enjoy pain free exercise and have found a way to fit it into their busy lives. Now to appease my gym rat friends a little more – even though exercise isn't necessary for your weight loss program, it *is* necessary for your fitness program. Most of us who have weight loss as a goal would also have 'being more healthy' as our 'why' for setting that goal. So, you aren't off the hook!

You can NOT be healthy without some form of physical activities which include aerobic and anaerobic routines. We might think we are healthy because we are at our ideal weight, but unless you are physically exerting yourself, your heart and lungs will be weak. You must get your heart rate up higher than normal in order to 'exercise' your cardiovascular system. Most of us are familiar with aerobic exercise, but I thought including the following description would be helpful in understanding the differences in aerobic and anaerobic so you can incorporate both in your program.

"The term "anaerobic" means "without air" or "without oxygen." Anaerobic exercise uses muscles at high intensity and a high rate of work for a short period of time. Anaerobic exercise helps us increase our muscle strength and stay ready for quick bursts of speed. Think of short and fast when you think of anaerobic exercise.

Examples of anaerobic exercise include heavy weight lifting, sprinting, or any rapid burst of hard exercise. These anaerobic exercises cannot last long because oxygen is not used for energy and a by-product, called lactic acid, is produced.

Lactic Acid contributes to muscle fatigue and must be burned up by the body during a recovery period before another anaerobic bout of exercise can be attempted. The recovery period also allows the muscles to use oxygen to replenish the energy used during the high intensity exercise.

Aerobic exercise, on the other hand, includes lower intensity activities performed for longer periods of time. Activities like walking, jogging, swimming, and cycling require a great deal of oxygen to make the energy needed for prolonged exercise.

Both aerobic and anaerobic exercises are needed for the development of physical fitness. Check with your healthcare provider before you start an exercise program. Choose activities that you enjoy, and that are readily accessible." – taken from the University of Iowa's website.

Many people think that if they are walking 3-5 times a week that should be enough. Even though that is better than no exercise, it is doubtful that it will facilitate weight loss, and it is definitely not enough to support good cardiovascular health. Zumba is the latest craze, and is lots of fun. I am a social exerciser so finding classes at the local gym was what it took for me to "take the plunge." I really like Body Pump too because it includes enough weights to double as aerobic exercise and weight training. R.I.P.P.E.D. is probably my favorite thus far, but is not the best class for beginners because of its intensity. Whether you get to the gym for a fun class, or order a DVD so you can get all sweaty and stinky in the privacy of your own home, find something to do to get your heart rate up, your lungs working at full capacity, and your muscles moving enough to at least feel it the next day. Find something to do that you enjoy, or you won't stick with it. And just like dieting… exercising is NOT going to work for you if you have a short term attitude about it. It needs to be a lifestyle change.

Even though exercise is not necessary to lose weight, it is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. As the Nike slogan goes…. "Just Do It!" Do it for your figure, but most importantly, do it for your health!