Monday, September 19, 2011

Triple Your Investment. in Less than a Month

Need some help from my bean counter friends in Zija. I want to make sure I am not missing something.

With our current promotion one could:

Invest $660 for a package valued at over $800.

Find two more investors at $660.

Earn $200 in FOB. $100 in EBB = $300

Earn $75 TC.

Earn at least $250 in extra bonus for RA.

So....that would be $625 in earnings.

Help those people find their two investors and you find a couple more.

Earn an additional - $50 in SBBs, $300 in in FOB & EBB, $225 in TC, and $500 more for RA to bronze, with the potential to earn even more if you repeat that process again and get to gold!

SO...they could turn $660 into $625 + $1075 = $1700 in just a few weeks...

not even counting selling samples - is that right??? Math is not my strong point so I may be missing something....

If this were duplicated on a weekly basis the earnings would exponentially grow. A person could easily make $4k in their first month with this promo! We only have this week to prepare the soil by upgrading... and four weeks to create unstoppable momentum!

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