Sunday, April 27, 2008

tomorrow is the day

Rachel leaves. We've had a whirlwind week, and she still hasn't started packing. We survived the goat show - sold one puppy and 3 goats (yahoo!) with still quite a few more pups to go. I need to get serious about advertising them. They are eating us out of house and home. I guess if I wasn't opposed to feeding them a diet of genetically modified corn with little or no meat it would be cheaper.
I spent the entire day on Friday bathing puppies, but alas - puppies are puppies and the floor under the shavings in the pens was red clay. Need I say more? I was very frustrated with the travel arrangements and the shape they arrived in. I was quite the nag about it too. The girls dutifully bathed them and put them in the pen (remember the red clay) wet. Sigh - now they need another bath before I can even take pics for advertising.
Our trip to deliver Rachel to Swainsboro for her summer adventure has turned out to be two-fold. We are picking up a dream horse for my friend's daughter Maci. I am still jealous, but very happy that I was able to play a part in making a child's dream come true.He is a beautiful bay SE Arabian gelding. Now we just need to find a horse for Jesse before he gets discouraged and gives up.
I am still not sure how I am going to stay afloat without Rachel. Hopefully the other older children will step up to the plate and be more willing to help out. Christopher also has the opportunity to travel some with Pat's personal farrier and glean from him. He is pretty excited about that!
I'd love to write more, but rising pizza crust awaits me.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A few pics

I thought I would post just a few pictures. I will be glad when the charger comes in for our camera! Of course, Rachel has been my chief picture taker, so I will have to train myself to take the time to snap some shots. I still can't believe she is leaving in just a few short weeks! Actually less than three - wow, I am SO in denial!
We had her going away party yesterday and I am exhausted. Due to unavoidable scheduling conflicts I was already sleep deprived from the campout on Friday night.
Hannah and Elisabeth are earning the camping badge in their Keepers group, and THIS happened to be the only weekend any of us could spare a night and a morning away from our other duties. We almost got rained out, which would have been a blessing. Instead we were rained *in* Saturday morning. Actually even that was a blessing in disguise. We couldn't pack the tent so that saved us a few minutes. In retrospect, I am thankful we were able to fit it all in.
The rain blew over before most of the guests arrived for the party, so the kids were able to play outside. We fed over 50 people, but I still haven't sat down and calculated an exact number. Thankfully the rain didn't last all day, and the temps were perfect.
We smoked Boston Butts and a Turkey, and somehow I managed to get the Black Forrest Torte made. Wonder of wonders, it was even ready before the camping trip on Friday. Knowing how I tend to wait until the last minute, that was a huge feat for me! We also made fresh strawberry ice cream which was a big hit. There is a "pick your own" strawberry farm just few miles from us. We went on Thursday and picked.
Our days for the rest of the month are jam-packed. We have so much to get accomplished before Rachel leaves. My goal is to update my blog at least with a quick note once a week.

"Bic-toya" loves to read!

Although this isn't the nicest pic - It is classic Rebekah!

'Lisbeth & Matt-chew

Hannah and Taffy

Some of the goaties and Georgia

Christopher and Belle

Rachel & Erik

"Miracle Violet" - Ain't she purdy?

Becca and Victoria with Arnold & Danny

Sunday, April 6, 2008

and the days go by

I thought I'd hop on and post a short blog since I don't know when I'll have another chance.
With Rachel leaving the end of the month, and activities planned every weekend from now until then, I know life will be crazier and busier than ever.
Hannah, Matthew, and I had a great time in Dallas. Mannafest was definitely different this year, but we enjoyed it. I have been waiting to pick up the book "Go Giver" until we got there. Not only did I buy the book, but I bought the 'package deal' after Bob Burg spoke. I enjoyed Robert Kiasoki too, but I think I liked Bob's message better. It was more applicable. Giving hope to others is such a part of the Mannatech mission, and I found his message to be a proverbial shot in the arm (in a good way.) I came home rejuvenated and ready to share with a renewed passion. I have also come to realize that offering financial hope is just as significant and meaningful as restoring health. Now I have to somehow marry my priorities so that they are balanced.
We roomed with Vickie and her daughter Nicole which was really fun. It is always a treat to find a long distant friend is even more delightful IRL. We went to the aquarium and zoo on Monday before we left.
This week was filled with catch up chores, another Parelli clinic on Sat. and the selling of animals. We sold 3 Obers and 2 puppies on Saturday, but they will not go to their new home until June. 3 puppies down, 6 more to go! It is odd that the girls are selling faster than the boys. If we end up moving north soon, we may keep one of the males.
Next weekend is Rachel's going away party, then a long weekend clinic several hours away where I will mostly stay with them, and the last weekend of the month is a goat show. Rachel will leave on Monday or Tuesday after that.
Somehow in the midst of all this we have to ramp up school, find time to take Rachel shopping for the things she will need in Montana, and get the day to day things done. It makes me tired thinking about it!