Sunday, April 27, 2008

tomorrow is the day

Rachel leaves. We've had a whirlwind week, and she still hasn't started packing. We survived the goat show - sold one puppy and 3 goats (yahoo!) with still quite a few more pups to go. I need to get serious about advertising them. They are eating us out of house and home. I guess if I wasn't opposed to feeding them a diet of genetically modified corn with little or no meat it would be cheaper.
I spent the entire day on Friday bathing puppies, but alas - puppies are puppies and the floor under the shavings in the pens was red clay. Need I say more? I was very frustrated with the travel arrangements and the shape they arrived in. I was quite the nag about it too. The girls dutifully bathed them and put them in the pen (remember the red clay) wet. Sigh - now they need another bath before I can even take pics for advertising.
Our trip to deliver Rachel to Swainsboro for her summer adventure has turned out to be two-fold. We are picking up a dream horse for my friend's daughter Maci. I am still jealous, but very happy that I was able to play a part in making a child's dream come true.He is a beautiful bay SE Arabian gelding. Now we just need to find a horse for Jesse before he gets discouraged and gives up.
I am still not sure how I am going to stay afloat without Rachel. Hopefully the other older children will step up to the plate and be more willing to help out. Christopher also has the opportunity to travel some with Pat's personal farrier and glean from him. He is pretty excited about that!
I'd love to write more, but rising pizza crust awaits me.

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