Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lessons in Life

Here I am, coming to the close of the week, and though I can look back and see accomplishments, I still wonder what I've done with all my time. Hey, some days just making it through is an accomplishment! This was one of those. I am not quite sure why the kids were getting on my last nerve. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening. But some times it is the same ole, same ole, that grates on you like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Part of my frustration comes from the looming project of letter writing, and flyer designing. Our new YES (your economic stimulus) plan has me really excited about helping people. My biggest challenge is finding the time to get on the horn and let everyone know what's coming down the pipeline, so I decided the best method of broad exposure was to write a letter and send out a mass mailing. I am no wordsmith, so facing that project head on is daunting, to say the least. Knowing it had to be done, and realizing that the longer I procrastinated, the harder it would be to put pencil to paper (or fingers to keyboard), I gave myself an ultimatum to 'get-r-done' today.
I did manage to complete a rough draft for one part of the mailing, and my dear cousin who puts up with my mooching off of his marketing skills agreed to proof it for me. One down, two to go. Typically I get into the 'on a roll' mentality and tend to improve my motivation and ultimately the outcome once I get past the 'getting started' barrier.

Not so tonight. For some reason I decided to treat myself to a home spa. The Sensual Bath Salts have been calling my name ever since Beth wrote up such a lovely review for Hannah at
So, after the kids were all tucked in bed I gather together all my goodies and headed to the tub. Not only did I enjoy the Salts, but I snagged some of the Sugar Scrub too. My tub was lined with Pamper Yourself goodies. As a birthday present to myself I ordered some things from while they were having a sale. I am not a big 'masque' person, but when I eyed their Chocolate Mask, I decided I had to give it a try. I still regret not taking advantage of the Spa credits I had in Cancun to experience a Chocolate Honey Wrap. Doesn't that just sound yummy! While I lounged in the tub with my dead sea salts, I applied the masque, enjoyed a Wild Berry Jack (Daniels) wine cooler, and snacked on the last of my Java Twix. Just as a side note, if you ever see Java Twix in the store don't buy one - they are addictive! It is a good thing they are a limited edition, or I would quit telling myself that nothing tastes as good as thin feels. I am a danger to myself when it comes to chocolate. I also took with me Jack Canfield's book, Success Principles and managed to read a couple of chapters while getting only a small amount of chocolate masque on one page.
I have to say, I feel much better after my Spa. However, it didn't facilitate a mood to finish writing letters or proposals. It relaxed me enough to make me think I could actually go to sleep if I went to bed. So now I have this eeny-meeny-miny-moe thing going on: Do I write, or do I go to bed?
I opted to write a short blog just to say I had accomplished something, even though I have gotten to the end of writing here and realize I didn't even cover the topic I had intended to write about. I think I'll procrastinate and save "Lessons In Life" for another day. Post script title... ???? Pampering While Procrastinating?

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