Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Win/Win/Win Fundraiser

Bear with me as I meander down the cyber pathway and reflect. It is amazing how life has changed over the past 20 years. When I look back, I can't even recall what life was like before the era of cell phones, and the shrinking of the world. Actually, I do remember hauling around a big, heavy black bag with a "car phone" in it! Today not only is our technology "smaller" where we can carry both our computer and our phone in the palm of our hand, but our world has shrunk too. Think about it – how many friends do you have as a result of cyber connections, and irrelevant to distance? Not only is it a quick jaunt by plane to visit our long distance friends IRL (in real life), but we can also connect and share their lives in a very real way through social media such as facebook, and the wonderful world of skype. As I ponder the shrinking of the world, I also muse about how we can expand our world through the same outlets.

It was through facebook that I met my friend Heidi, and from a link in my newsfeed that I learned of her desire to adopt a special needs child. As I read through her blog I tried to think of what I could do to help. With 13 children, and nine still living at home, I often joke that all my assets are breathing. As I mulled over different fund raising options I came up with the idea to not only help Heidi, and ultimately the little boy they are adopting, but also the folks who want to help them.


Now bear with me again, as I do some "mind wondering". Cut me some slack. I am not ADD… just overwhelmed with compassion, and a little overtired. As a wellness consultant and weight loss coach, I am always looking for ways I can help people. How can I marry my desire to assist with the fundraising efforts, and my concern to help people with their health? What if I open up my doors to all those who are already, to some degree, attached to the idea of helping add a brother to the McFarland clan? I get to help more people and Heidi at the same time.

My heart is heavy for the people who are caught up in the pharmaceutical web, entrapped by the side effects of symptom masking drugs. Once in the trap most are forced to add more to counteract the side effects of the first prescription that is designed to be a maintenance drug instead of correct the problem. The challenge becomes balancing helping people with not overstepping my bounds and making recommendations that would be considered "treating" a condition. Trust me when I say that most health challenges are a combination of nutritional deficiencies and toxic overload. It isn't that difficult to address nutritional deficiencies, and it is amazing how the body comes into balance, and health is restored when you do!

As a weight management coach, my job in one sense is easier, but challenging all the same. Ultimately the only people I can help, are the ones that not only WANT help, but the ones that are READY for help. If you find yourself at your "tipping point" and are looking for alternatives, I would like to volunteer my coaching services… and will donate 100% of the proceeds to the McFarland fund. In addition to that, any orders placed from here will have all the proceeds directed to the McFarlands. If you want to learn more about some of the benefits you can expect read this, even if you don't read anything else. This is truly a win/win/win situation. AND I win too because I am helping my friend Heidi, helping bring their little boy home, and helping you to get your life back. I know what it is like to have debilitating health challenges, and I know what it is like to wish there were no mirrors in the house. If you want to love the way you feel and love the way you look, I can help you. In fact, I guarantee it! If you aren't satisfied with my coaching services, or with the improvements you experience when you get started on the best nutrition on the planet…you get your money back (keep in mind that Heidi will also have to give up the proceeds) – no questions asked!

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