Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Allergies - What Can You Do?

In some areas there are still pollen clouds in the air, and yellow dust coats every horizontal exterior surface. We also discussed the respiratory system on Blogtalk Radio this week, and talked about allergies and asthma. With this in mind, it seems appropriate to address allergies here too. This is the time of year when everyone is wondering what the best seasonal allergy treatment is. Find relief from a seasonal/pollen allergy IS possible! And it doesn’t have to consist of over the counter drugs to mask the symtoms until the pollen clears the air either.

Not all allergies are seasonal however. Many people suffer from various food allergies, dust and mold allergies, and even allergies to certain types of animals. It is important to note that all allergies have the same basic root cause, and all allergies can be improved naturally. That is not to say there are natural allergy cures. The word ‘cure’ has become a forbidden word in the natural world. According to the FDA food can’t cure anything. Maybe a better term would be spontaneous recovery? In this case what happens with natural allergy treatments is you restore the body’s ability to handle the offending allergens properly.

First it would help to understand the basic premise: in the simplest terms, allergies are caused by improper communication within the body. When the immune system identifies foreign objects its job is to isolate and eliminate. Allergies are the result of an immune system gone awry. It attacks, but never shuts down, resulting in extreme inflammation. The standard medical treatment is to address the symptom, and not the cause. One simple way to alleviate the problem is to avoid the allergen. Of course, sometimes that is easier said than done. Another typical treatment is to take antihistamines. Our body normally produces histamines, but when allergies develop, the histamine production goes into overdrive. Using antihistamines will grant relief, but it won’t eliminate the problem. Sometimes, when allergies are severe, the protocol will include steroids. Allergies also contribute to asthma, which can be life threatening. Medications have their place, are often necessary, and are great for relieving allergy symptoms; but they will never help your body to overcome allergies.

So, what is a ‘natural treatment’ for allergies? Proper nutrition is the key… along with adequate rest and moderate exercise. Stress is a major offender in all areas of health, and allergies are no exception. There are many, many people who are finding that their seasonal allergy symptoms completely disappear when they incorporate good, quality nutrition and live a healthy lifestyle. It sounds very simplistic, and in all honesty, it is. The biggest challenge is finding real nutrition in the denatured foods we eat. The answer is to supplement with a high quality supplement which includes vitamins & minerals, amino acids, omega fats, and antioxidants.

If you are looking to learn how to treat pollen or seasonal allergies naturally, the best remedy available is a clean diet with proper nutrition. Don’t be surprised if implementing this helps your other allergies too. Regardless of whether they are food allergies, pet allergies, or pollen allergies, the solution is the same. Give your body what it needs so that it can correct the communication breakdown, and your allergies symptoms will vanish faster than the pollen does!

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