Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So, I guess I got the cart before the horse. In my rush to publish an article related to the digestive system, and the radio talk show, I failed to introduce the Better Health series. I actually started writing these articles last year, but didn't publish very many of them before I put the project on hold. This time, I will follow through and cover different areas from A to Z.

The goal of this series is to explore some of the many health conditions that people suffer from today, and look at causes and solutions. You will never find me using the words “treat, cure, or mitigate” because those are words that are basically trademarked solely for the use of pharmaceutical companies. It is a sad fact, but in reality, drugs don't “treat, cure, or mitigate” either. The vast majority (95%) simply mask symptoms. The other 5 percent (antibiotics fall into this category) often fail to accomplish their purpose simply because they have been so overused. We now have what the medical community calls “super bugs” that have mutated and adapted to render antibiotics a useless defense.

We pray for cures, when in fact, the answers are right before our eyes. The causes of all disease trace back to three primary factors – toxic overload, nutritional deficiencies, and parasites. You might also see some references to viruses and bacteria, but the body could defend itself against these if it weren't for those three root causes. It is important to not discount the importance of adequate pure clean water, good restful sleep, and exercise. Those are three simple additions to anyone's regime that will improve overall health. However, many people find themselves in a state of health that prevents them from getting proper rest and exercise.

The easiest route to take becomes the one so many people walk down. First one drug to mask the symptom, then another to bring down the blood pressure, then another for cholesterol...and next thing you know, there is another drug for pain relief, one to help you sleep, and one for acid reflux. And lastly, you'll find that weight gain occurs and many times with that comes diabetes. Adding in an anti-depressant will almost inevitably happen somewhere along the way. I have a saying... “Drugs are like Lays Potato Chips. You can't just take one.” Once you start, one gets stacked on top of the other, to remedy the side effect the first one caused. At some point, people will either get fed up, or die from the combination of the original problem and the toxic overload caused by the multiple prescriptions. I am writing these articles to benefit the people that are in the “fed up” category.

So then the question becomes....where to start? Even though the answer to that question is best targeted to each individual, there are some generic guidelines to follow. First of all, don't expect results over night. Just as Rome wasn't built in a day, nor did your body get in the shape it is in overnight. It won't recover overnight either! How quickly you get your body back to optimal health will directly correlate to how committed you are to making changes. If you goal is to eliminate medications, you need to have a sit down with your doctor (or more likely PA) and tell him/her that you are making lifestyle changes and would like to come up with a plan to eliminate prescriptions as your health improves. Find out which drugs you can eliminate at your own discretion. Pain meds and indigestion meds often fall into this category. Get a base line on your blood pressure and blood work so that you can re-evaluate at reasonable intervals. If your focus is on reducing blood pressure prescriptions, keep a log. Then start making simple changes. Baby steps are much more effective than a massive overhaul. Small changes stick; major changes cause revolts. You can bring your family along on the health journey with you if the adjustments are gradual.

There are 5 major offenders that need to be removed from the diet. Some will argue that there are others, and I would agree. However, even just removing these 5 from the diet are a challenge many can't tackle. It is next to impossible to eliminate them all, so focusing on a few of the worst ones is better than being overwhelmed and quitting before you get started. Typically I suggest people just start with one at a time, and then progressively eliminate them all. Tackle the easiest one first. Success breeds success. You will be much more likely to continue down the path to better health if you find it easy to walk down.

Next week we explore what those five offensive foods are….so stay tuned! Feel free to comment with your ‘guesses’. Anyone (who has never heard me speak) that can list off all five, will win a Skinny Mini – 4 day trial pack!

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