Sunday, August 17, 2008

can it get any crazier?

We still haven't moved the upstairs furniture back. The floors aren't finished. Either I will apply the finish coats tomorrow, or we'll have the professionals back on Wednesday. Either way, we have to prepare for vacation, and get stuff out from downstairs for that. In the midst of all that we have to get tires for the van, and have the air conditioner worked on. It is usually hectic just getting ready for vacation when there is nothing else going on. I can't imagine what this week is going to be like. The landscapers aren't finished yet either. We've had much needed rain, but it left us with lots of mud. They are supposed to be back tomorrow.
I'll be posting some pictures at some point, both of the house and the kids. Last night to escape the fumes we went out to eat. The whole family... A rare occasion as it costs us a week's worth of groceries to eat out, but it was enjoyabe. We ended up bringing home enough left overs to have lunch today. I don't know how people eat so much! No wonder we are the fattest nation in the world.

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