Monday, August 11, 2008

a few quick things

Life is crazy.
Thursday & Friday we are having the upstairs floor refinished, so packing has started in earnest. We packed up books from the loft/library today so we could move the stand alone bookshelves and desks out. I probably packed 20 boxes, and it looks as if we didn't make a dent. All the bedroom furniture will also have to be moved, and closets emptied. It will be a good chance for us to get the upstairs organized and cleaned up though.

Tomorrow the landscaper starts moving dirt around. The gutters went up last week.

My dad and his wife Alice were visiting for the past week, so not much got done. We'll be doing double time this week and next before leaving for vacation on Friday.

The deck and porch still have to be pressure washed and resealed. We're going to do that ourselves.

Jesse started sanding in the bathroom today. We are finally getting things done that I have wanted to do for years. Too bad we're doing it for somebody else to enjoy. :(

After the landscaper leaves we'll finish working on the flower beds, and I'll post some more pictures. Rachel, you won't recognize the front yard.

I wanted to take some pictures of Matthew today. He decided to 'pack himself' in a box. It was too cute, but the camera is missing. I expect there will be more opportunities.

We're making icecream tonight with the last of the fresh peaches of the season. While my dad was here we went to Dickies and got two bushels. They are packing a big cooler home with them filled with the frozen peaches we put up. We ate as many as we froze! I'll miss Georgia peaches when we move to Colorado!

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