Tuesday, August 5, 2008

internet rabbit trails

Tonight I was itching, and not wanting to go to bed. So I decided to spend some time catching up on emails. Dr. Mercola's latest headline caught my eye, so I went off to read about Gardasil (HPV vaccine) and teen paralysis. There I found a link to the 14yo girls website, and believe it or not, a similar thing happened to them that happened to Angie http://www.angie-rhoads.blogspot.com/ when they interviewed her last June. The family posted their full statement at http://www.jenjensfamily.blogspot.com/ and they are searching for comparables in hopes of finding the proper course of treatment. From there I went to Alex's site, and read her story http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/angelsforalex which is very similar, except that Alex has deteriorated much further. Then I went on to read Marcy's story http://www.everydayisprecious.com/home.html which led me to want to share their stories with others. I, of course, think there are natural solutions to most any health challenge, but their challenges are great, and much damage has already been done. I think about how Clay has complained with knee and neck pains, and I agonize at the thought of being in Rob's shoes. Life is so fragile. The Lord is so merciful to keep us hanging in the balance. If you have a few minutes, go and read these stories, pray for these families, and count your blessings.

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