Friday, July 18, 2008

getting ready

The day is coming and it is time to prepare. We have so much to do in order to put the house on the market! Goats to sell, cleaning to be done.... Cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning. It would be so nice for someone to come along and want to buy - as is!
I am going to take some pictures this weekend. If you know of anyone interested in a custom designed log home on 10 acres in middle Georgia, please have them contact us! :)
There will also be lots of pictures of the goats we have available posted too... simply because I never learned how to update our geocities website. The pedigrees are there, but the pictures are 3 years old!
I am so ready to know our destination. We have been weighing in pros and cons. Clay really likes the company in Denver, but the salary offer isn't what we were hoping for, and the cost of properties there is comparable to here. Wyoming has fewer people, less taxes, and cheaper properties. They also have more snow, lots of wind, and not much water. Clay has yet to connect with the company there, but the opportunity looks promising with the potential for more money.
Please pray for us to have clarity and direction, and that God would direct our paths!

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momto9 said...

My prayers are with you. Good luck on getting things ready to sell and to hear where your destination is. The Lord's Will be done. Idaho is good LOL {{{{HUGS}}}}