Tuesday, July 22, 2008

JC - the Ober buck we have for sale

These are pictures of Eidwynn - the only daughter we have of JC that has freshened. She was actually sold, and came back to us (much to our delight) last week. He clipped her right before he brought her back so there is still some of the gray underhairs showing up across her back. She is almost dry, but is probably one of the easiest milkers on the property. She is NOT for sale - but is posted as an example of one of JC's daughters. I didn't take pictures of the doeling we kept from this year, but will try to do that and post them later.

JC - he was being uncooperative, and wouldn't set up very well. You can get an idea of his coloring. He actually darkens in the winter, which is backwards for most Obers. His light color is definitely his biggest fault. He is very level (when set up), wide, and deep. All of his kids have been dark, except one and the doe he was bred to was also light. He has champions all throughout his bloodlines. If we weren't moving, I wouldn't be selling any of these animals. I am hoping to breed JC to my Obers from Arizona before he leaves. I have a buck waiting to be shipped from Sir Echo after we move to breed my other two JC daughters to.

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