Monday, July 28, 2008

Life in the fast lane...

I wanted to take a minute to post, knowing that it very well could be the last one I have time for before we move. No decisions have been finalized, but we have many home improvements to make before the house goes on the market at the end of August. The line-up of projects run continuously (and sometime simultaneously) back to back from now until then. We are scheduled to go on vacation the 22nd, and my hope is to be completed with everything, and have the floors refinished while we are gone. As always, more hours in the day, or more days in the week are needed. My life seems to be driven by tyrrany of the urgent, and this is no exception.
Although I am not looking forward to being a 'single parent', the idea is not near so overwhelming as long as we complete all our projects before that day arrives. Too bad we aren't in a position to move out before we sell. That would be much less stressful!
I decided to tackle the most hated task first, so a yard/moving sale is slated for this Saturday. I love to *go* to yard sales, but despise having them. It never seems like it is worth the effort. However, if we can sell a few things off, it is less to pack, and less to keep cleaned up. Hopefully we can make a few dollars. Either way, it is motivating us to de-clutter, which is a necessary task. We have a 65 Chevy truck, ready for restoring, that I would LOVE to sell this weekend. We also have a 12 passenger van that needs to find a home. Moving them out of the yard will make a huge difference in my opinion. I am 'remodeling' the yard with new flowers, and hopefully will get a dump truck load full of mulch soon to dress up the flower beds. I am going to really hate leaving it after putting in so much work. I am told landscaping will sell a house sooner than the interior will. I am trusting that God is going to sell it for us, since he provided the job.

His timing is always perfect.
Even when it feels like your world is spinning too fast to keep up.

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