Monday, July 21, 2008

Now the Goats....

For those of you not 'into goats' you can just skip this post. I am having to post pictures here because I have not had the time to figure out how to update our farm website We are reducing the herd in preparation for our move. We have 4 LaMancha milkers and will only be keeping two. I have taken updated pictures, but alas, the cord to connect the camera to the computer is hiding under piles of papers, or otherwise unlocatable (if that is a word). We also have three doelings for sale, and an Oberhasli buck. Expect another goat related post soon with those pictures. Email me at if you are interested in any of our goats. Thanks for taking the time to look.

Fizz as an intermediate kid. She is very long, level, and wide. She is also an Orion daughter. She has matured alot, but didn't grow as much as I would have liked. She freshened as a yearling with an accidental breeding. Her buck and doe kid were Ober experimentals. Button, her doe kid, is also for sale. Her registered name is Ayrsmoss OFN Apricot Fizz.

Melody - also an Orion daughter, as a senior kid in her winter coat. See below pictures of other Orion daughters for an example of what her udder looks like. As soon as I find the cable to connect the camera to the laptop I will upload the newer pictures.

Bronwyn in showmanship with Michael. She is conformationally very correct with her main weakness being rear udder height. We have tried unsuccessfully to get a doe out of her three years running. Her buck kids are always the nicest of the kid crop, but because she is registered as a recorded grade they have never seen a showring. I am hoping to breed her back to Orion before he is sold. She kidded in January and is still in milk. We'll start drying her off as soon as she is bred.

Orion as a two year old. He improves toplines and udders. His kids are a bit slow to mature. He is much deeper now, but scruffy. He throws predominantly cream/apricot colored kids but we have gotten two black bucklings and some gray moon spots. He has incredible bloodlines. His registered name is Devonshire SX Orion if you want to search

Above is a picture of Belle's udder - a 2 year old, first freshener out of Orion. These are typical of Orion's daughters.

Below is an udder pic of Celeste, a yearling daughter of Orion's.

This is Cordial last year. Her udder was much nicer this year, but a bout with mastitis caused one side to dry up completely. She has freshed twice, last year with a buck and a doe, and this year with twin experimental bucks. If her udder recovers with her next freshing she will be a nice show doe. Otherwise, she would still make an exceptional brood doe. Before we started drying her off she was giving a gallon of milk per day, just on one side. Her registered name is Ayrsmoss Strawberry Cordial.

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